Service Details

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Weekday Shacharis – 7:10am on Mon & Thur  7:20am on Tue, Wed & Fri.

Weekday Maariv – 7:30pm every evening.

Friday Mincha / Kabolas Shabbos – at the start of Shabbos

Shabbos Shacharis – 9:15am followed by a kiddush.

Shabbos Mincha – 15-20 mins before Shkiah.

Shabbos Maariv – at the end of Shabbos.

Sunday Shacharis – 9:30am followed by a bagel breakfast.  It is preceded at 9:00am by a shiur with Rabbi Steinberg from Seed.

Thursday Morning Shacharis starts at 10am and is followed by a bagel brunch.

Please let us know if you would like to sing Haftorah as we would be delighted to welcome you.  Would your son like to sing Anim-Zmiros in a friendly Shul with superb acoustics?  Contact us now to book your slot.

Unless arranged beforehand, the person singing Haftorah will be asked on the day.