Service Details

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Sunday Morning Shacharis starts at 9:30am and is followed by a bagel brunch.  It is preceded at 9:00am by a very exciting opportunity to learn with Rabbi Steinberg from Seed.

Thursday Morning Shacharis starts at 10am and is followed by a bagel brunch.

Friday Evening & Shabbat Mincha Times:  See Pesach Timetable on the home page for the next few weeks.  A new timetable will be published shortly.

Shabbat morning Shacharis starts at 9:15.  It is always followed by a kiddush (with a guest whisky if you are lucky).

Weekday Mincha & Maariv: 7:45pm every evening.

Shul Timetable
View the below chart to see who is davening in what week.
(last updated 29th May 2018)

Please let us know if you would like to sing Haftorah as we would be delighted to welcome you.  Would your son like to sing Anim-Zmiros in a friendly Shul with superb acoustics?  Contact us now to book your slot.

Unless arranged beforehand, the person singing Haftorah will be asked on the day.