Welcome to the new Developments page.  We will report here any new updates regarding the development of the land and progress with building a brand new Shul building.

June 2018.  Amazing News!!!  It took four submissions and five months but we made it.  We have been awarded a Big Lottery Fund of £10k.  This is going to fund a feasibility study into the viability of building a community center and Shul on our land.  We have the help of the Chief Rabbi’s office who are very interested in this project and who are offering plenty of advice.  We also have the help of a number of local experts in the field of grant applications.  The next stage is for the project team get together for a meeting, which will happen later in the month, to discuss how we best use this grant.  All I will say for now is; keep your eyes open for surveys headed your way soon!

January 2018.  We have applied for a Big Lottery Grant to investigate the possibilities of building a community center.

December 2017.  Houses seems the best option for us but we would only get enough for a smaller Shul so before we commit to this we are going to investigate further options.

November 2017.  Here are the first suggestions on where the new Shul building might be located on our land.  We have suggested that a path from Middleton Road should also be included.

Proposed site split-1