Update April 2017

We would like to heartily congratulate the Eruv committee on completing the Meade Hill Extension of the Eruv.  We are proud to be within the border of the Eruv.

Update January 2017

Planning permission has been granted and the poles are on order.  We are hoping that the Eruv will be up and running near to Pesach this year.

Update April 2015

We have confirmed that phase 2 of the Eruv is in progress.  We are hoping that it will be in place by the end of this year.

Updated October 2014

If you are visiting our Shul it is important to note that we are not within the Eruv’s current perimeter.  As of April 2017 we ARE within the Eruv.

You can carry up to the metrolink bridge on Middleton Road and Windsor Road but not beyond that point.

Phase 2 of the Eruv is ready to start.  All they need are the funds to build it.  If you would like to see Meade Hill Shul in the Eruv then please donate money to the Shul or directly to the committee

Meade Hill Shul would like to offer it’s congratulations to the Eruv committee for successfully completing the largest Eruv in the country.  Please see for more information.