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Established in 1904 we are an orthodox Synagogue located on the corner of
Meade Hill Road and Middleton Road, Prestwich, Manchester.

Welcome, One and All.   We are delighted to welcome you if you have just moved into the area or are thinking of moving here.  Please contact us if you require any help or advice with moving in or would like to find out more about the area or our Shul.  We are a growing Shul whose aim is to be there for you when you need us.  It is an exciting time for Meade Hill Shul so feel free to browse our website to find out more, drop us a line or just pop in.

High Holiday Timetable. Please find below the timetable for all of our services over the holiday period.

Open for Services – The Shul is open for all Shabbos services. We are closely following Government guidelines.  Sign up to our newsletter for full details of times.

Chief Rabbi’s message to Meade Hill Shul – Click on the link to see the amazing Chief Rabbi’s message to Meade Hill Shul

Ways to keep in touch:
During these difficult times you should not feel alone.  You are a part of an amazing community and we are here to help you.  There are plenty of ways to reach out to us. Click here for all the ways to contact us

Weekday Services are all temporarily on hold!   As soon as you feel ready, we are here for you so please register your interest with the office if you would like us to re-start any of these services
Shacharis: 7:10am on Mon & Thur. 7:20am on Tue, Wed & Fri.
Mincha / Maariv: 7:30pm
9:30am on Sunday (followed by free beigel brunch).
9:15am Shabbos morning service always followed by a kiddush (as soon as we are allowed).

Welcome Back Rabbi YY Rubinstein. Unbelievably we have been in lockdown for a whole year.  We look forward to opening our doors to many new events soon.

Last year we had a wonderful Purim Seuda.  Due to the virus, Rabbi YY was unable to appear in person.  We didn’t let that get in our way.  We set up a live link to California so that we could hear the words of wisdom and humour from Rabbi YY.

Avos Ubanim – Father & Son learning.   Article from Jewish Tribune (November 2019) by Mordechai Ullmann – Those growing up in late twentieth century Manchester and participating regularly in the modest Avos Ubanim sessions that would take place in the Aguda Beis Hamedrash, may or may not have predicted that two decades later, Avos Ubanim would be held in forty locations across Manchester. What would never have crossed anyone’s mind, however, was the most recent addition to the list. One of the last remaining early-1900’s shuls in Manchester, Meade Hill Shul, has witnessed exponential growth and revival with the influx of young families in the area. A most recent display of the shul’s ongoing expansion was the first ever Avos Ubanim session held on Motzaei Shabbos. Children of primary and high school age delighted in precious minutes of bonding with their father and the traditional “Avos Ubanim” raffle that followed. 

Hire Our Hall. 

Shabbos UK 2019 was absolutely amazing.  Rabbi Peysach Krohn is a true Maggid, a master storyteller.  Each story was packed full of feeling, emotion and meaning.  It was truly a pleasure to hear such wonderful tales, each of which encapsulated a different theme and took you to a different place, always with a view to improving yourself.

Boykos (now Kosher City) is now Fully Kosher and is under the Manchester Beth Din.  This is another example of how this area is growing for the Jewish community.  So pop in to your local Windsor Road Deli, right next to Vidals kosher butcher for all of your essentials.

Shabbat UK 2018 at Meade Hill Shul

Shabbos started with a thought-provoking and humorous Introduction by special guest Rabbi YY Rubinstein of New York to a full Shul.  We had a very lively Kabbolas Shabbos with our friends from Heaton Park Shul which was led by the Travelling Chassidim’s Chazzan R’ Arye Blum and his choir.  Later at a packed Seuda, the young friendly families of the Travelling Chassidim sat among the Community, enjoying the meal together and breaking down barriers and stereotypes.  In between lively singing and dancing, Rabbi YY spoke in his inimitable style, with the crowds laughing and crying, and deeply inspired by his message.

Shabbos morning brought another inspiring tefillo with the accompaniment of the choir and a thought-provoking sermon from Rabbi YY.  Members had never experienced a davening of such beauty and warmth.  A wonderful seuda followed, again inspired by Rabbi YYs humour and pathos, and the singing led by the Chassidim.  Then two of those present,an ex Pastor and an ex Seventh Day Adventist shared emotional words , describing their present  journey towards conversion.  Their message inspired everyone how lucky we are to have been born into the precious gifts of Torah and the Shabbos.

After a lively Mincha, the Community were again inspired , this time by Rabbi Aviv Bar Ilan’s heartfelt message of growth and of continuing the inspiration further. Rabbi Prijs shared stories of the power of Shabbos to connect Jews to their roots , and thanked the selfless Chassidim for giving up their Shabbos to inspire others.

And the climax of the Shabbos was the beautiful candlelit Havdoloh with the Travelling Chassidim. As Yissy Shadmi played spirited music, even the most reluctant people were swept up by the incredible ruach.  Shtreimels and kashketels changed heads , and time was suspended in circles of pure unity between Yidden.  It was an unforgettable Shabbos for all those who experienced it.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis visits our Shul.

Meade Hill - Chief Rabbi Mirvis
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis speaking at Meade Hill Shul in January 2017

Picture Page – Check out our pictures page on the website.  It shows some photographs of the Shul and previous events.  Most of the photos were expertly taken by Stephen Spencer, so we thank him for giving us permission to use his photographs on our website.  Click the link at the top to see them in all of their glory.

Facebook Page.  Click here to see www.Facebook.com/MeadeHillShul.  Make sure to “Like Us” to hear all the latest news, views and discussions and keep an eye open for special offers.  There are lots of pictures there from recent events, and it is the best place to keep in touch!

Birthday Kiddush  Once per month we are delighted to invite all members whose birthday fall in this month to a special Birthday Kiddush.  If you would like to sponsor your birthday kiddush then please contact the Shul office or the Rebbitzen for more information.

110th Anniversary Gala   Click here to see some wonderful feedback and photos to what was an amazing evening.