Welcome to the Meade Hill Shul website

Your friendly local Orthodox Shul

Established in 1904 we are an orthodox Synagogue located on the corner of
Meade Hill Road and Middleton Road, Prestwich, Manchester.


On-Line and Card Payments. We now accept payments using your debit or credit card.  Go to https://www.givey.com/meadehillshul/ enter the amount and make the payment via Paypal.  WARNING – Givey have started to charge 5% on transaction.  You can still use them but we are looking at alternatives so stay tuned for more information.

Late Late Shacharis and Bagel Brunch.  NEW TIME. Shacharis now starts at the slightly earlier time of 9:30am on Sunday still followed by a bagel brunch.

Facebook Page.  Click here to see www.Facebook.com/MeadeHillShul.  Make sure to “Like Us” to hear all the latest news, views and discussions and keep an eye open for special offers.  There are lots of pictures there from recent events and it is the best place to keep in touch!

Birthday Kiddush.  The first birthday kiddush were wonderful mornings.  We were able to celebrate with members of our community and their families.  We are delighted to invite all members who’s birthday fall in this month to a special Birthday Kiddush.  Please see the timetable for the next date.

110th Anniversary Gala. Click here to see some wonderful feedback and photos to what was an amazing evening.

Manchester Eruv.  Please note that we are not currently in the Eruv.  See the separate page for more details.

Seed Introduction to the Shabbat Service.  Every Sunday at 9:00am for the Seed learning.  Everybody is welcome and membership is not required.

Building Work.  We are delighted to announce that the new disabled toilet is now fully up and running and the other toilets have also been renovated.  The front path has been levelled and the edges painted and we have put in a new central handrail to make it safer to enter the building.  We will be continuing with some essential building maintenance over the coming months and all donations towards this 5 figure project are very much appreciated.